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Photo Of The Day By Tanmay Sapkal

Photo By Tanmay Sapkal Today’s Photo Of The Day is of Wild Goose Island in St. Mary’s Lake, Glacier National Park, taken during the forest fires in Montana. “I hiked [ … ]

Why Your Camera Gear Doesn’t Matter

Many discussions in online photography groups and discussions revolve around “What’s the best camera brand?” or “What is the best lens for x?” or “Thinking about upgrading, should I pick [ … ]

Weekly Photography Challenge – Mellow Yellow

In the last couple of week’s you’ve done blue and red as the photography challenge, so it’s only fitting to complete the triangle of primary colors with yellow this week. [ … ]

Tips for How to Photograph a Rock Concert or Show

There are the stories, I’m sure you’ve heard them. Annie Leibowitz hanging out with the Rolling Stones. Bob Gruen photographing John Lennon on New York rooftops. Let’s face it, second [ … ]