GoPro shows off two new cameras, Hero 6 and the Fusion

GoPro announced two new cameras Thursday, the Hero 6 and the Fusion.

The Hero 6 camera features 4K footage at 60 frames per second, internal stabilizing technology, and a new, custom-designed processor powering the device, said CEO Nick Woodman at an event to show off the new devices.

The Fusion has cameras mounted on the front and back, enabling 360-degree footage and VR capabilities. The camera also introduces what the company calls Overcapture, allowing the user to select a specific perspective from the spherical feed for a more limited view and shareable video.

“This is a very powerful camera that can pump out very high frame rates for incredible visual slow motion effects,” Woodman told.

The two cameras were already listed in the company’s online store before the announcement by Woodman. The Hero 6 is available for purchase now, Woodman said, and the Fusion is available for preorder and will start shipping in November.

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